• President
  • Joyce Malainy
  • C-Tec of Licking County
  • Executive Director
  • Maggie Hess


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About OACTS...


OACTS fosters relationships among Ohio's Career Center and Joint Vocational School Superintendents in order to share best practices and advocate for career-technical and adult education in Ohio.

The organization communicates and works with legislators throughout Ohio to foster an understanding of how career-technical and adult education impacts the lives of students and contributes to the workforce of Ohio by supplying skilled workers to help grow Ohio's economy.

I. Core Values
· Integrity
· High Quality
· Supportiveness
· Leadership
· Innovation

II. Purpose:

  • Achieving Ohio’s economic prosperity through excellence in Career-Technical school districts.

III. Mission:

  • To establish a recognized, high quality workforce development system that will lead all learners to post secondary credentials



Testimony to to the Ohio House of Representatives, Finance Subcommittee on Primary and Secondary Education on HB 49, State Budget

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Click here for testimony of Judy Wells