Health Informatics is the science that underlies the fusion of health care, information
technology, and business administration, and guides its integration into all aspects of the patient
health experience, at the individual or population level. It creates the infrastructure that connects
and enables the flow of critical information to and from each of the stakeholders in a patient’s or
population care.
(Adapted from the University of Illinois at Chicago, 2009.)

2012-2013 Teachers in the Pilot Sites by Subject Area


Health Informatics





Diana Malone

Shephanie Hemmelgarn

Darla Krites

Carolyn Stein

Ashland West Holmes

Christine Butts

Bridget Frantz

Jacci Costas

Julia Subler

Collins Career Center

Andrea Zaph

Jami Harper

Shannon Purdue

Charlene Gore

Cuyahoga Valley

Lisa Clements

Angela Nonno

Joan Schentur

John Spano


Todd Lawson

Ben Stover

Sean Heath

Brenda Ruffing


Todd Lawson from EHOVE and Chrissie Butts from Ashland-West Holmes receiving instruction from Andrea Zaph from Collins Career Center on a blood-typing assignment.
Health informatics summer teacher workshop participants. From left to right in the front row: Diana Malone from Apollo, Chrissie Butts from Ashland-West Holmes, Todd Lawson from EHOVE, Andrea Zaph from Collins Career Center, and Lisa Clements from Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. In the back row, Connie Blair from the Ohio Association of Career and Technical Superintendents, Beth Green from the Southern Regional Education Board and Nichole Oocumma from the Ohio Department of Education.

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